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Dear colleagues and students!

Congratulations on the start of the new school year! Knowledge day is a great holiday for any educational institution, it starts a marathon of lectures, practices, and laboratories that compete in time with a bright, rich, creative student and teaching life.

With a special feeling, I congratulate  the first-year students who made the first conscious adult choice in their lives - choosing a profession and choosing a University. You made the right choice, and it is an honor and responsibility to study with us. We want to give you not only knowledge, but also to educate you as patriots of your country - honest, civilly active and loving your people and country.

KazGASA is famous for its brilliant teachers who pay great attention to each student and pass on their love for the profession and science. Over its 40-year history, the Academy has produced many talented architects, builders, designers, economists, and surveyors. I believe that with excellent studies, participation in student clubs, sports sections, and international festivals, you will increase the glory of our University and become worthy successors of its traditions!


22 may

Online "Alumni Fair 2020" in KazGASA

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