Opening of the building for Student Union Committee

Kazakh Leading Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering on the eve of its 40th anniversary and the Year of Volunteer in Kazakhstan made a gift to its students.

The university leadership handed over to students a large building with a total area of 500 square meters. Now the Student Union Committee and the Committee of Student Self-Government can use this room at their discretion. Various social and cultural events will be organized here, such as: KVN, Miss KazGASA, Miss KAU, Talents of Freshmen etc. Students will also be able to rent this room and use funding for develop the cultural and educational activities of the university.

Two-story building of the Student Union was renovated in a loft style with modern requirements. The walls of the hall are decorated with GRAFFITI craftsmen. And the bright chandeliers and handmade lamps of students well illuminate the large hall.
The President of KazGASA, doctor of technical sciences, honorary builder of Kazakhstan, professor Amirlan Kussainov took part in the opening ceremony of the Student Union.

Student Union Committee, a student scientific association and clubs, construction teams and the League of Volunteers are actively working at KazGASA and KAU. There are also dance groups, rock ensembles, performers of folk and modern songs. The new building will contribute for further development of public associations.

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