About the KazGASA


MISSION OF KazGASA is to provide the preparation of highly-qualified specialists, to give the opportunity to students to get education of all levels, to prepare highly intellectual broad-minded personalities who are able to to find their places in the society and in rapidly changing world.  KazGASA is aimingto give to its students not only good knowledge, but also to grow feelings of civil responsibility, patriotism and internationalism.

Board of customers and expert commission

In 2000, the council of customers and expert commission on specialties was established for the first time among the universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan (CCEC).

The Council of Customers and expert commission is consultative body, which aims to participate in the creation of curricula and innovative training programs enhancing efficiency and achievement of high level of education in KazGASA, to render assistance in educational and methodical work, to solve issues related to graduates employability and to carry out all types of practices.

Educational portal

Institute of Innovations and Additional Education is a structural subdivision of Kazakh Leading Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering.

The IIAE was created to promote scientific activities in the field of innovations of architectural industry including additional education programmes of training  work.

KazGASA against corruption

Corruption is one of the most dangerous negative social phenomena. It largely restricts the free operation of economic laws and undermines reputation of country in world’s imagining, is one of the main obstacles for its foreign profitable investments.