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Educational Groups 

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Educational programs


Fashion, interior design and industrial design

6В02121- Architectural design;

6В02122- Graphic design;

6В02123 - Industrial Design;

6В02124 - Fashion design;

6В02125- Tele-video design;


Production of materials (glass, paper, plastic, wood

6В07211- Technology of woodworking and wood products (by application spheres)



6В07311-Architecture of residential and public buildings;

6В07312-Urban planning(development)


Urban planning, civil works and civil engineering

6В07371- Geodesy and Cartography


Management and administration

6В07321 - Calculation and design of buildings and structures;

6В07322- Technology of industrial and civil engineering;

6В07323 - Design and installation of metal structures;

6В07324- Economy and construction management;

6В07326- Urban construction and utilities;

6В07325 - Earthquake-resistant construction;

6В07327 - Information technology in construction;

6В07328 - City cadaster and property management;

6В07329 - Hydraulic engineering  construction;

6В07342 - Construction of roads and airfields;

6В07351 - Heat and gas supply and ventilation;
Heat and ventilation;

6В07352 - Water supply and sanitation (sewerage) 6В07361 - Production of building materials, products and structures

6В07212 – Wood product design

6В07362 - Building materials science


Cadaster and land management

6В07501  - Cadaster