The Special Scholarship

The Special Scholarships (hereinafter referred to as Special Scholarships) are awarded to the most gifted Master's students, students studying at KazGASA studying for a fee but due to different circumstances (family situation, health, financial problems, etc.) who cannot afford to pay for their studies.

Along with the citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the special scholarship is awarded to persons of Kazakh nationality who are citizens of other states, foreign citizens and stateless persons permanently residing in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Other foreign citizens and stateless persons scholarship by way of exception (with active participation in the public life of KazGASA etc.).

Note: To receive the full information about a special fellowship you need to follow the link: “Procedure for awarding a special scholarship”


Dear students, acceptance of applications for special scholarship Scholarships is from 15.05-15.06.2020

It is essential to sign in the corner of each document (on all attached documents) who is who for you (me, mother, father, sister, brother, etc.)

You must complete the application form (see sample), sign and put the date, send scan an application and attach a scan version of all documents, then send to the mentioned e-mail of each department:

Department of Architecture:

Department of Design:

Department of General Construction:

Department of Construction Technologies Infrastructure and Management:  

College at Kazakh Leading Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering (KazGASA):

Lyceum at at Kazakh Leading Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering (KazGASA):

The incomplete list of documents submitted is automatically cancelled.

If you have any questions, please contact us: 2208082.


The list of required documents for a special scholarship “Scholarships”